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Digital Card with Business Directory

Digital Business Card at Business Ludhiana is the smartest business option of getting Listed on Ludhiana's Oldest Business Directory www.businessludhiana.com along with Digital card. Turn meetings into leads and share your contact details without contact. at Businessludhiana.com along with Business Listing you can Design and create Unlimited Digital Cards for your Business.

Businessludhiana.com is the oldest Business Directory of Ludhiana.

Businessludhiana.com The Oldest Business Directory


We did not like paper business cards.

The business card is old fashioned and deficient.

After coming back from a trade show in 2019 with over 90 paper business cards and realizing the disconnect, we decided to fix this.

Business Ludhiana connects with all of your digital tools and puts the magic back into the business card.

We love Business Ludhiana.


A Digital Gateway to Business in Ludhiana

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